Deconstructing and Redefining Activism: Youth lead Generation Equality localization


The Generation Equality localization workshop held on June, 2 co-created and convened by adolescent girl leaders and UN Women, brought together over 32 young activists to discuss actions that can advance gender equality in their communities. The workshop was an opportunity for young activists to share how they have leveraged their experiences during the Generation Equality Forum to localize activities in their communities. 

Adolescent girl leaders led the conversation on deconstructing activism at the local level, challenges, and opportunities for localization, and how to contextualize Generation Equality at the grassroots level. A series of recommendations developed by youth for youth included how to amplify their movements; engage local stakeholders to strengthen local-to-global connections; upskill and reskill community leaders to become mentors for young people; develop age-friendly and accessible versions of policies to inform young people on current decision-making; and coordinate educational materials on Generation Equality that can be distributed to schools and other institutions.

Strengthened capacity to network, engage with local leaders and build community youth leadership remain at the core of young peoples' identified needs to localize effectively. Generation Equality's movement continues to be an essential step to advancing gender equality and young people's advocacy efforts and safe civic participation at both global and local levels.

Learn more about the results of the workshop here. Download the full workshop summary here


Illustration of youth localization of Generation Equality