Women, Peace & Security and Humanitarian Action (WPS-HA) Compact

What is the WPS-HA Compact?

As the world continues to be mired in conflict and humanitarian needs caused by violence, climate change, natural disasters and pandemics, among others, the WPS-HA Compact brings together key supporters and champions of the WPS and HA agendas to focus on monitoring and accountability, coordination and financing to implement WPS and humanitarian action commitments. The WPS-HA Compact will harness the existing extensive normative framework on WPS and HA, and accompanying institutional and coordinating mechanisms, in an innovative, global, multi-stakeholder partnership that includes governments, civil society (including those representing young women peacebuilders and young women affected by crisis), international and regional organizations, academia and the private sector to:

  • catalyze accelerated progress on implementing the WPS-HA agendas,
  • spark intersectional global and local conversations among generations,
  • drive increased public & private investment,
  • deliver concrete results for girls and women in conflict and crisis contexts.


The Process for Leadership of Generation Equality

Based on a robust set of global normative standards, human rights principles, research and  consultation with international feminist groups, grassroots activist organizations, governments and other partners, the WPS-HA Compact will mobilize action on five critical priority areas:

A.         Financing the WPS agenda and gender equality in humanitarian programming

B.         Women’s meaningful participation in peace processes

C.         Women’s economic security , access to resources and other essential services

D.         Women’s leadership and agency across peace, security and humanitarian sectors

E.         Protection of women in conflict and crisis contexts, including women human rights defenders

In addition, the WPS-HA Compact will continue to work collaboratively with the six Action Coalitions to ensure synergy.

The WPS-HA Compact will propose a targeted set of concrete, ambitious and immediate actions for implementation within the period of 2021-2026 to drive real progress on women, peace and security and gender equality in humanitarian action.

This communique outlines the leadership criteria, process and timeline for the Generation Equality WPS-HA Compact. Read more


How is the WPS-HA Compact being developed?

The WPS-HA Compact will develop:

 (a) A focused set of concrete actions that will unite diverse efforts and deliver game-changing results;

(b) Highlight principles and showcase best practices to inform and guide how actions are undertaken;

(c) An accountability framework and annual success goalposts which highlight how actions will be measured and assessed; and

(d) General principles on how results will be reported.

(e) A multi-stakeholder coordination system for existing WPS-HA mechanisms, systems, networks, partnerships and capacities.


How does the WPS-HA Compact operate?

Convener: UN Women, with the support of the whole UN System, is the global convener of the Acton Coalitions and WPS-HA Compact and serves as a dedicated secretariat team to guide and support co-design, implementation, monitoring and oversight.

Leadership: The WPS-HA Compact is led by a Board and receives ongoing support and guidance from a group of Catalytic Members. Board and Catalytic members represent Member States, regional organizations, UN system, civil society, academia and private sector. All Board and Catalytic Members are required to become signatories of actions identified in the Compact. 

Membership: The WPS-HA Compact Board and Catalytic membership opportunities are open to all who meet the membership criteria, and will be vital to a strong, vibrant and results-driven Coalition of commitment-making partners.

Criteria: The details on the WPS-HA Compact’s Board and Catalytic membership criteria, are available here.


WPS-HA Board MembersWPS-HA Catalytic Members

What are the next steps?

Mobilization of the WPS-HA supporters and champions who will become signatories of the WPS-HA Compact will gather momentum in the coming months, alongside the development of the WPS-HA Compact. The Generation Equality Public Conversation Platform, launched in February, is a global collaboration tool to serve as a strategic way for individuals, experts and organizations to engage in a digital public conversation about the WPS-HA Compact, to crowd-source ideas which, along with available data and evidence, will be used for developing actions and commitments across each theme. 


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