Action Coalitions

What are Action Coalitions?


Action Coalitions are global, innovative, multi-stakeholder partnerships that are mobilizing governments, civil society, international organizations, and the private sector to:

  • catalyze collective action

  • spark global and local conversations among generations,

  • drive increased public & private investment,

  • deliver concrete, game-changing results for girls and women.


Read the list of the Generation Equality Forum Commitment Makers here.


Based on human rights principles, and through a data-driven process of consultation with international feminist groups, grassroots activist organizations, governments and other partners, the selected themes of the Generation Equality Action Coalitions are:

  1. Gender-Based Violence

  2. Economic justice and rights

  3. Bodily autonomy and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR)

  4. Feminist action for climate justice

  5. Technology and innovation for Gender Equality

  6. Feminist movements and leadership

In addition, a Compact on Women, Peace and Security and Humanitarian Action will work to drive action and resources toward this agenda.

At the Generation Equality Forum in Paris, each Action Coalition launched a Global Acceleration Plan – a targeted set of concrete, ambitious and immediate actions within the period of 2021-2026 to deliver tangible impact on gender equality and girls’ and women’s human rights. They are securing financing for this agenda to address systemic resource gaps that have so far hampered impact.

This communique outlines the leadership criteria, process and timeline for the Generation Equality Action Coalitions. Read more►


How are Action Coalitions accelerating a transformative agenda of generational change?


This accelerated action agenda is taking on the following cross-cutting issues, in order to deliver tangible results: 

  • Financing

  • Transforming Gender Norms (including by engaging men and boys)

  • Law and Policy Reform

  • Education

  • Gender Data and Accountability

  • Addressing intersectional discrimination

  • Focusing on systemic change by addressing structural inequalities


Centrality of adolescent girls and young women: At the heart of this groundbreaking mobilization are adolescent girls and young women. Young people are mobilizing and making their voices heard, lifting up those who have been silenced, stigmatized and shamed far too long and driving transformative change. This new generation is seizing the moment to reimagine their lives, societies, economies and systems to uphold human rights, achieve gender equality and ensure that no one is left behind. 


How to become an Action Coalition Commitment Maker


Be part of our powerful coalition to advance global gender equality over the next five years! The Generation Equality Action Coalitions represent a unique opportunity to make concrete change for millions of women and girls and accelerate results on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Learn more about making an organizational commitment and about the Action Coalitions through our Commitments Platform. You can also learn more through the How to Commit

FAQ is also available to provide additional information to Member States interested in registering commitments to the Action Coalitions.


Read the Global Acceleration Plan for Gender Equality here.


The Global Acceleration Plan for Gender Equality includes :

(a) Rationale for why the theme was selected;

(b) A focused set of concrete actions that will unite diverse efforts and deliver game-changing results; 

(c) Design principles

(d) A catalogue of commitments that governments, corporations and civil society partners members must undertake to accelerate progress;

(e) An accountability framework and annual success goalposts which highlight how actions will be measured and assessed; and

(f) General principles on how results will be reported.


Please find here PowerPoints delineating the Action Coalitions Blueprints on each Action Coalition: 

Gender-Based Violence | Economic Justice and Rights | Bodily Autonomy and Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) | Feminist Action for Climate Justice | Technology and Innovation for Gender Equality | Feminist Movement and Leaderships


How will the Action Coalitions operate? 


Convener: UN Women, with the support of the whole UN System, is the global convener of the Action Coalitions with a dedicated secretariat team guiding and supporting co-design, implementation, monitoring and oversight.

Leadership: Each Action Coalition is led by a group of partners: Member States (from the Global South and North), women’s movement, youth and civil society actors (from the Global South and North), and private sector entities. All Action Coalition Leaders were required to make a game-changing commitment in the action area they chose to lead. Find out who the Leaders of the Action Coalitions are here.

Commitment Makers are vital to a strong, vibrant and results-driven Coalition of commitment-making partners. Find more information about the Commitment Makers Model and signal your interest on the online platform

Criteria: The details on the Action Coalitions' leadership criteria are available here.


What are the next steps?


Action Coalitions Leaders and Commitment Makers are making strong commitments to realize the transformative vision of the Action Coalitions. The commitments of trailblazing commitment-makers were showcased at the Paris Forum, 30 June – 02 July 2021. Read more about the outcomes of the Paris Forum here.

New commitment making may register at the platform to collect Leaders’ and Commitment Makers’ commitments. A Commitments Handbook is available to support the design of strong commitments.

By bringing diverse champions together—governments, the UN system, private sector, philanthropies, and feminist, women’s rights and youth organizations—the Action Coalitions are catalyzing a movement to break down the most intractable barriers to equality and justice.


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