Sharing the road to peace: Exploring women’s priorities for peace building and the potential of collaboration



Across the world, women want to see progress on peace and security. Women want a genuine role as leaders, safe everyday lives and the right for all women and girls to shape their own lives. This event looks at what peace means to women in post conflict regions, with a specific emphasis on exploring how similar themes feature in different contexts and cultural structures. It will also look at how strengthened information sharing and collaboration across regions can help build a women, peace and security agenda for the 2020s. The event will highlight perspectives from post conflict regions including Northern Ireland and Liberia, and give participants an opportunity to share their perspectives on the priorities women share across the world. Participants will have an opportunity to identify ideas and suggestions for developing collaboration, with a view to informing future work, support intercultural and intergenerational learning, and also to galvanise stakeholders to action for a peaceful future.

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29th June, 14:30 CEST