Empowering Women as Drivers of Recovery and Growth

High-Level conference


Event Summary

The COVID 19 pandemic has precipitated a profound shock worldwide – its reverberations however are felt differently among men and women. Women are disproportionately affected by the crisis, economically and socially. The same interconnected forces of culture, tradition, history, attitudes, and vested interests have kept women underrepresented in political and other decision-making roles but over-represented in poor quality jobs and roles that concentrate disadvantage and discrimination. Despite the commitments made in Beijing twenty-five years ago to take strategic, bold action in 12 critical areas of concern, and some ensuing progress in these areas, not a single country has achieved gender equality. Furthermore, the crisis risks undoing much of this progress, as seen in the increase in violence against women during the lockdown period.
The High-Level Conference: Empowering Women as Drivers of Recovery and Growth will offer the needed perspective, discussion and guidance on decisions to make sure the crisis does not further deepen the inequality women face and to accelerate efforts to achieve gender equality, especially as women have been in the frontline of the response. Following the spirit of the Generation Equality Forum, the Conference will underline the importance of various actors to work together. Focus should be given to building a strong narrative that supports the economic case of gender equality, bringing in various actors to promote financing for women’s empowerment and calling on policy makers to reflect these considerations into practice.
The Conference will represent the voice of leaders from various sectors to explore: what gender equality is and why our economy needs it, and how to turn the tide to close the gender gaps with the support from all stakeholders and institutions.
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There will be English-French interpretation in this webcast.
Detailed information can be accessed on: http://www.oecd.org/about/upcoming-events/60th/women-drivers-recovery-growth.htm