Multi-Stakeholder Leadership Group

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The Multi-Stakeholder Leadership Group has been established to support UN Women in driving the forward Generation Equality agenda, ensuring multi-stakeholder collaboration remains at the core of the initiative.  

The Multi-Stakeholder Leadership Group is composed of selected Action Coalition Leaders, Commitment Makers and Compact Signatories representing governments, civil society, international organizations, the private sector, youth organizations and philanthropy. Together, these actors will uplift diverse voices to advise on and shape Generation Equality accountability, processes, and impact over the next four years. 

At the Generation Equality Accountability Moment on 23 September the initial members of the Meet the Multi-Stakeholder Leadership Group were announced, with additional announcements still to follow. 

The announced members are: 


The Generation Equality Multi-Stakeholder Leadership Group was announced during UNGA77


Member States 




South Africa 



United States of America 


Philanthropies and Private Sector 

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 

Children’s Investment Fund Foundation 


United Nations Agencies and International Organizations 

Inter-Parliamentary Union for Democracy for Everyone 

International Telecommunication Union 



Civil Society Organizations 

Asamblea Nacional Política de Mujeres  

Global Fund for Women 

Shifting the Power 

Women´s Center for Legal Aid and Counseling (WCLAC) 


Youth and Adolescent-led Organizations 

ASOFI (Women's Association for Rural Development and Peace) 

Amplify Girls 

Fridays for Future 

Initiative for Gender Equality and Sexual Reproductive Health (IGE-SRH) 

YP Foundation