Action Coalitions Commitment Makers


The Generation Equality Action Coalitions are poised to deliver concrete results on gender equality to advance the Sustainable Development Agenda in this UN Decade of Action. Action Coalitions leaders have been working together to develop an Acceleration Plan of Action on key areas that matter to women’s and girls’ lives. Now is the time for more stakeholders to join this effort.  
We are inviting women’s and feminist organizations, youth-led organizations and other civil society actors, governments, philanthropies, international organizations, private sector companies and others to join this critical movement as Generation Equality Commitment Makers, as we march towards the Generation Equality Forum, which will be launched in Mexico City (March 29-31, 2021) and culminate in Paris (June, 2021).    
COVID-19 has laid bare critical gaps in equality that have left millions of women and girls, particularly those who are most marginalized, behind. Gender equality is not just a goal: it is critical to the survival of the planet, the realization of the rights of all girls and women, and to building new economic and social systems that include, and work for everyone.  The Generation Equality Action Coalitions are urgently needed now than ever before.  
The Generation Equality Action Coalitions are an extraordinary platform, both in approach and level of ambition, to accelerate progress, increase investments in gender equality and make concrete change.  

This platform provides an opportunity for your organization / government / institution / company to signal your interest in joining the Action Coalitions as a Commitment Maker.  

The window for applications to join the Generation Equality Action Coalitions as Commitment Makers is open from February 2021 through June 2021.  Prospective Commitment Makers will be notified of the result on a rolling basis within four (4) weeks of submitting their application on-line.  

On March 30th when the draft Action Coalition Blueprints are made public at the Mexico City Forum, prospective Commitment Makers will be invited to articulate a specific commitment (financial, policy, advocacy, and/or programmatic) on an expanded on-line platform. 
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