Increase Women's Economic Empowerment by Transforming the Care Economy


As part of the collective work of the Generation Equality Action Coalition on Economic Justice and Rights, the 17 entities leading the work (the ‘Leadership Structure’) co-developed Blueprints on four prioritized Action Areas:

ACTION 1 - Increase Women's Economic Empowerment by Transforming the Care Economy 

ACTION 2 - Expand Decent Work and Employment in Formal and Informal Economies 

ACTION 3 - Increase Women's Access to and Control Over Productive Resources 

ACTION 4 - Promote Gender-Transformative Economies and Economic Stimulus 

Each Blueprint lays out a rationale, presents important data and statistics and defines a powerful vision for success, as well as proposed strategies and tactics that are grounded in collaborative action through bold and, as much as possible, collective stakeholder commitments. Consequently, the Blueprints are meant to serve as guidance and inspiration for new and existing commitment makers to the Action Coalition, the other Generation Equality Action Coalitions, and the global community.

Together, the four Blueprints make up a Global Acceleration Plan to set a new, ambitious pace for the realization of economic justice and rights for women and girls in all their diversity, everywhere, propelled by an approach that inculcates equality, inclusion, intersectionality, feminist leadership, cultural relevance and transformative action and systems change, which have enabled the creation of grounds for measuring and monitoring
the accountability of actors pledging to contribute to a complex web of collective efforts.

By embodying feminist lens in their creation, these documents have materialized from an intense, co-creation and collaborative process underpinned by the inclusivity of all stakeholder constituencies in the Leadership Structure. They represent diverse voices from around the world seen as equals in recognizing the need for shared responsibility to identify and suggest a revitalized global agenda for economic justice and rights that responds to both visible and unapparent structural constraints women and girls face in the economic system.

The Blueprints capture the most important aspects of intensive input and discussions on issues and strategies within the global Leadership Structure of the Action Coalitions. It is vital to note that they do not create obligations for the Leaders of the Action Coalitions beyond the individual and collective commitments pledged by each entity (available here). The diversity of the 17 Leaders of the Action Coalition means that not all strategies highlighted in the Blueprints must be pursued and supported by every Leader or Commitment Maker, with each able to address the recommendations in accordance with their attributions, functions and possibilities. At the same time, Leaders and Commitment Makers may go beyond the approaches captured within this framework in pursuit of economic justice and rights for women and girls.

Here you can find the Blueprint on Action 1, Increase Women's Economic Empowerment by Transforming the Care Economy. You can access the publication here.

Blueprint for care economy