Join Generation Equality at CSW67

At the upcoming 67th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women, from 7-18 March 2023, UN Women is hosting two flagship side events, alongside many more Action Coalition-led events and activations. To support your engagement, we have compiled a list of Generation Equality activities scheduled throughout the two weeks. Be sure to save the dates and circulate within your networks – we look forward to seeing you there!


“Open, Safe and Equal – Shaping a feminist digital future”


Join UN Women, the Generation Equality Action Coalition on Technology and Innovation for Gender Equality, and co-sponsor UN Foundation from 1:15-2:30pm EST on 7 March 2023 for a side event titled: “Open, Safe and Equal – Shaping a feminist digital future”. The discussion will focus on reaffirming Generation Equality’s shared principles for a feminist digital future, on the role of multi-stakeholder partnerships cooperation in advancing gender equality in technology, and on demonstrating how technology and innovation can provide transformative solutions to achieve gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls.


We encourage you to join in-person for this event. Please register here by 2 March if you plan on attending.  


What: “Open, Safe and Equal – Shaping a feminist digital future” 

When: 1:15-2:30pm EST, 7 March 2023

Where: Conference Room 4 (Register here), UN Headquarters and online via UN Web TV

Languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish, International Sign language (ISL) and Closed Captioning


Shaping a feminist digital future


Solutions to Strengthen Civic Space & Women's Digital Rights: Addressing the pushback against Gender Equality


On Monday 13 March, from 1:15-2:30pm EST, UN Women, in collaboration with the Generation Equality Action Coalitions on Gender-Based Violence and Feminist Movements and Leadership, is hosting a flagship side event to acknowledge the steady and increased development and impact of anti-gender campaigns and movements. Aligned with the CSW67 priority theme, the discussion will bring together leaders from member states, multilateral organizations, civil society organizations, youth and academia to identify, share and amplify practices to counter the pushback on gender equality to strengthen civic space and women’s digital rights. 


To express interest for in-person attendance, please register here by 2 March.


When: 1:15-2:30pm EST, 13 March 2023

Where: Conference Room 8, UN Headquarters (Register here) and online via UN Web TV

Languages: English, French and Spanish, International Sign language (ISL) and Closed Captioning




CSW67 Save the Date Civic Space


Action Coalition side-events at CSW67




When: 8:15-9:30am EST, 6 March 2023 

Where: Conference Room A, UN Headquarters (in-person only) 


This discussion panel will publicize the experience of the Latin American and Caribbean region with #todadconectadas - a collective commitment of governments, companies, civil society and international organizations to the Action Coalition on Technology and Innovation for Gender Equality - and aims to inspire other regions to catalyze efforts for the development of digital skills by replicating similar experiences. Read the concept note here. [Spanish only] 


Securing our human rights in our digital world: CSW 67 Consultations with Action Coalition Leaders, Commitment Makers and women’s rights groups to inform the UN Global Digital Compact


When: 2-4pm EST, 6 March 2023

Where: Millennium Hilton Hotel, One UN Plaza, Landmark Room (in-person only). Confirm your in person attendance here


In partnership with Generation Equality's Action Coalition Commitment Makers and Leaders, the Action Coalition on Gender-Based Violence invite women's and girls’ rights organizations, civil society organizations that work on human rights/digital rights, young women-led organizations, activists, and experts on violence against women and digital rights to join them to input into recommendations to the UN Tech Envoy on how their needs should be addressed in the new Global Digital Compact.




A feminist digital justice manifesto for Generation Equality 


When: 4:30pm EST, 6 March 2023 

Where: Salvation Army Auditorium (in-person only) 


This event will launch a declaration of feminist digital justice principles that a global working group of 25+ feminists from Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Africa put together after a year of deliberations and dialogues, outlining a new vision for reclaiming the power of platform, data and AI technologies for gender equality. 


Innovation and Digital Technology – Facilitating Women’s Secure Land Tenure for Climate Resilience and Sustainable Development for All


When: 10:00-11:15am EST, 7 March 2023

Where: Conference Room A, UN Headquarters (in-person only)


You are invited to join the Action Coalition on Economic Justice and Rights and Feminist Action for Climate Justice for a session sharing innovative experiences of how digital technologies have made it possible to protect, accelerate ownership/control over, and optimize sustainable, climate-resilient output from land and natural resources. It will discuss future plans that different governments, development partners, and various civil society organizations have put in place towards improving gender-just, sustainable land governance while facilitating productive and beneficial utilization of resources through innovation and the use of digital technology.


Facilitating secure land tenure_Save the date


Realizing Women's Economic Rights in the Digital Economy through Inclusive Financial Access and Use


When: 3:00-4:15pm EST, 7 March 2023

Where: Conference Room B, UN Headquarters (in-person only) [LM1] 


The Generation Equality Action Coalition on Economic Justice and Rights will explore the critical issues surrounding financial and digital inclusion for women worldwide, and their implications for the labour market and the realization of decent work for women workers. The event will additionally delve into new forms of emerging work facilitated by technological advances and how these serve women as workers in and owners of firms. Read the concept note here.


Economic Rights save the date CSW 67




When: 8:15-9:30am EST, 8 March 2023 

Where: Conference Room 8, UN Headquarters. Register here to express interest in attending


Building on evidence from war and conflict across the OSCE region and its partner countries, this high-level side event at CSW67 brings together representatives of international organizations, governments, the private tech sector and civil society to highlight how digital tools can successfully enable the empowerment of women affected by war. The event is hosted by the OSCE Gender Issues Programme, UN Women and the Government of Finland as part of their commitment to make technology and innovation gender equal and mobilize other partners to join the Action Coalition on Technology and Innovation for Gender Equality within the Generation Equality framework. 


Achieving equality in decision-making by 2030: What will it take?


When: 10:00-11:15pm EST, 8 March 2023

Where: Conference Room B, UN Headquarters (in-person only)


This event aims to inform the new General Recommendation of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW Committee) on Equal and Inclusive Representation of Women in Decision-Making Systems (GR40). The side event builds on the longstanding cooperation between the IPU, the CEDAW Committee, and UN Women, as well as on the agenda and goals set as part of the Generation Equality Forum, especially its Action Coalition on Feminist movements and leadership. Participants will hear from experts, gender equality advocates, and parliamentarians on the current state of women’s global representation, lessons learned, and how to achieve and sustain gender parity in politics and other spheres.


New Frontiers in Skills4Girls  


When: 8:30am-10am, 8 March 2023 

Where: UNICEF House, 3 UN Plaza, New York RSVP here


This intergenerational co-creation dialogue calls on you to bring your voice and ideas to connect as we connect and explore across ecosystems – including gaming, gender equality, government, innovative finance, and technology – to build a collective new frontier that boldly delivers the skills girls want and need, today and for their futures. View the invitation here.  


New frontiers in skills for girls event invite


Why is data critical for gender equality? 


When: 3:00-4:15pm EST, 8 March 2023 

Where: Conference Room A, UN Headquarters (in-person only) 


This side event is hosted by the Government of Finland alongside co-hosts the Government of Chile, and <A+> Alliance, all Leaders of the Action Coalition on Technology and Innovation for Gender Equality. It aims to highlight the critical role of data for gender equality and showcase 

concrete efforts in gender-transformative data policies and practices, demonstrate how technology and innovation can provide solutions to achieve gender equality, and invite a multi-stakeholder discussion on how technology can be used for the empowerment of women and girls in all their diversity. Read the concept note here.  


Innovative and digital solutions to gender equality through comprehensive sexuality education


When: 1:15-2:30pm EST, 8 March 2023

Where: UNFPA Orange Café 605 Third Avenue (in-person only)


This event will provide a space for multi-stakeholder dialogue on how comprehensive sexuality education can help promote gender equality and the prevention of gender-based violence and harmful practices through digital technologies. Furthermore, it will look into examples of the usage of digital tools in reaching out to a large scale of young people while protecting their safety online.


Accelerating Post-COP27 Action: Climate Justice, Gender Equality & Bridging the Digital Divide


When: 3-4:15pm EST, 9 March 2023

Where: Zoom. Follow online via this link.


As risks of climate change-driven disasters mount and threaten gender equality gains, leaders and commitment makers of the Feminist Action for Climate Action Coalition, convened under Generation Equality by UN Women, together with invited guests, will take a look back at the outcomes of COP 27 from a climate justice and gender equality perspective. Governments, youth, and civil society organizations will come together and share their views and take homes on what outcomes should be accelerated with the application and accessibility of digital technology.


Button: [Register here]


Accelerating post COP27 Action


Catalyzing Collective Action to End Technology-facilitated Gender-Based Violence against Women and Girls


When: 1pm-2.30pm EST, 10 March 2023

Where: UNICEF House, and online (registration link is available here)


This substantive thematic session on technology-facilitated gender-based violence aims to highlight the leading global partnerships and collaborations and hear reflections from key government and high-level UN leaders involved in the Global Partnership for Action on Gender-Based Online Harassment and Abuse on progress since the Partnership was formally launched during last year’s CSW session.  The event will create an opportunity for shared learning and collaboration and help connect the efforts of the Global Partnership and the Action Coalition on Technology and Innovation. Read the full event invitation here


Catalyzing collective action_Save the date


Feminist and Intergenerational Digital Futures: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality | CSW67 Youth Forum


When: 9:00am-4:30pm EST, 11 March 2023

Where: New York City, New York (In person only)


Generation Equality youth and adolescent leads and UN Women are convening an in-person CSW67 Youth Forum in New York City. Youth and adolescents will explore and assess the gendered nature of digital inequality by sharing concrete and practical recommendations to influence the Agreed Conclusions. The Youth Forum will be a vibrant and dynamic engagement space where young people can network and interact with decision-makers. Member States, private sectors, activists, and experts will be invited to discuss the gendered digital divide, digital infrastructure, including digital advocacy and rights.

CSW67 Youth Forum


Con Alma Concert - Special performance at the United Nations

Read the event coverage here.

When: 6:00-7:30pm EST, 14 March 2023

Where: Trusteeship Chamber, UNHQ. In-person only. (Registration closed)


Con Alma is a musical and cinematic ode that charts isolation to liberation. Magos Herrera, Paola Prestini, and some other outstanding musicians in the contemporary international scene created this iconic album during the most devastating isolation context generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, aiming to leave a blueprint of their experience and reach out to heal through the power of music collectively. 

Registration is now closed to attend. Tickets are not transferable and will be handled upon presentation of a State photo ID on 45th Street and 1st Avenue on March 14th, starting from 4.45 p.m. 


ConAlma Generation Equality concert


High-level Interactive Dialogue on Innovation and technological change to advance the care agenda


When: 8:15-9:30am EST, 15 March 2023

Where: Conference Room 2, UN Headquarters and Online via UN Web TV here


This high-level side event will dive deep into the interlinkages between innovation and technology and the care economy. Discussions will provide an understanding of how technology and innovation are increasingly changing the world of work, including care and domestic work, and the implications of the changing world of work in care work arrangements at the household level. The event will provide a space to discuss, using impactful examples, how human rights and gender equality approaches to technology and innovation could enable a digital transformation in care services, creating business value and decent care work opportunities and enhancing women's economic justice and rights.